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Nutrition Consultation

If we eat poor quality foods and do not drink appropriate amounts of water, we will be susceptible to stress, illness and disease. The high stress of everyday life combined with the low quality of food produced has created a situation where the average American is nutritionally deficient.

If you combine stress, nutritional deficiencies and inappropriate water intake, we are setting a stage for chronic inflammation and the onset of musculoskeletal pain. The general rule in nutritional supplementation is you get what you pay for. Without professional guidance, you may purchase a nutritional product which can also be unpure, undigestible, and potentially unsafe and ineffective. 

At River Ridge, we utilize only nutritional supplements which have good manufacturing practices (GMP) certification. The GMP certification guarantees if it is on the label, it is in the bottle. It will also guarantee that the products are made from pure ingredients which have been safety reviewed, are digestible and absorbable by the human body. Your personalized chiropractic care plan may include specific recommendations on nutritional supplements and healthy food choices to assist you in accelerated healing, as well as, to enhance your return to optimal health.

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