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Rehabilitation Therapy Plan

At River Ridge, we firmly believe that exercise & fitness are key components to your musculoskeletal health, as well as your general well-being.

As part of your chiropractic care plan, we will assess how your posture, your physical activity level and your work environment may be negatively affecting your condition.

From there, you may receive a customized exercise plan which may include:

  • Education & recommendations on posture & body mechanics;
  • Education & recommendations on workplace safety, including ergonomic evaluations;
  • Strengthening & stretching exercises to improve flexibility and strength;
  • Positional training exercises to improve balance, coordination and quality of voluntary muscle response;
  • Advice on cardiovascular conditioning & aerobic training techniques;
  • One-on-one, monitored rehabilitation sessions at River Ridge to ensure exercises are properly executed.

Once developed, we will review your rehabilitative exercise plan in the clinic. From there, you will be advised and encouraged to perform this plan at home or at the gym, understanding that your compliance with the plan will only enhance & accelerate your recovery.

Would you like more information on our rehabilitation services?

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