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“Dr. Van Riper was a lifesaver with my jaw problem. I was going back and forth with my doctor and my dentist with my jaw problem. I was in such pain and not getting any satisfaction with the above mentioned. I could hardly open my mouth and it was very hard to even eat. The doctors stated that I had arthritis in my jaw. I mentioned it to Dr. Van Riper and he said he could help.I was elated! While doing the exercises and stretches Dr. Van Riper recommended, I started seeing results right away. After about 3 weeks, I was so relieved that I could now start resuming some of my normal activities. Now, I can use the exercises if it starts getting sore again to eliminate the pain before it starts.”  --- Deb T. 

“Prior to being referred to Dr. Roger Van Riper, I was going to a chiropractor on a weekly basis.    After months of complaining about issues I was having in my neck, my body finally had enough and I was in so much pain I didn’t know where to look for answers. I was referred to Dr. Roger Van Riper by a friend who also received life changing results from chiropractic care doctoring with Dr. Van Riper.  My first appointment was like one I never experienced with other chiropractors before.  It was a detailed discussion about my lifestyle, my medical history and my current condition which was causing me pain.  After a thorough examination, Dr. Van Riper explained to me my injury and steps I’d need to take to reduce the pain and inflammation. He developed a treatment and therapy plan to assist in the healing process.

It amazed me how quickly my severe pain was reducing. Dr. Roger Van Riper’s care is so different than others because he not only addressed my pain issues, he educated me on how I injured the area and he provided me technical advice so I’d not re-injure myself in the future. Additionally, he gave me very good information on nutritional requirements. I have had a full recovery and continue to be in his care for chiropractic adjustments on a monthly basis.

I trust Dr. Roger Van Riper’s care with my children too.  It's very comforting to know that your health and the health of your loved ones are being care for by an experienced and knowledgeable professional with healing hands and a kind spirit.” --- April K. 

“I came to Dr. Van Riper to assist with sciatica. My condition became a problem after the passing of my husband, in March 2016. I attributed it to months of stress and sleeping in recliners next to my husband’s hospital bed. After a MRI, it was apparent that this condition has been a problem for a long time. After repeated attempts with physical therapy and pain injections, my symptoms were still not resolved. At this point, my doctor referred me to a chiropractor. He gave me the names of a few and Dr. Van Riper was the one I chose.

Good choice! I had never been to a chiropractor before, so I was skeptical. But my concerns were resolved with my first visit with Dr. Van Riper. He developed a complete personalized treatment plan for me, based on his thorough exam and review of my MRI. At the end of this visit, Dr. Van Riper said he was excited because he was sure he could help me. I left feeling confident and reassured, and ready to get on with feeling better! With the great care and guidance from Dr. Van Riper and his staff, through treatments, massage therapy, and his excellent exercise recommendations; I am happy to say I am pain free.

The quality of my life has improved, during the most difficult of times. Being pain free has enabled me to travel to visit my children, grandchildren and my special friend who all live long distances away. It's so wonderful to be able to participate in activities with them, and maintain my exercise routine, which I could not have done before.  I highly recommend Dr. Van Riper and his amazing staff. They are the best!" --- Becky Z. 

“Going to Dr. Van Riper's office has been life changing. I had ignored my problem for so long that I became accustomed to “dealing with the pain”. Finally after much encouragement from my wife, I made an appointment with his office with a great referral from a friend. After the first couple of appointments, I began to notice that not only was my pain decreasing, but my quality of life was improving. My relationships were better, my work stress lessened, and for the first time in a long time, I felt hopeful about my pain. I had no clue how much my pain was affecting my daily life until it started to go away.

Dr. Van Riper is one of the kindest persons I've ever met. He will sit down and truly listen to your concerns. He asked for my input in making a treatment plan and we set realistic goals. I have never felt pressured to make more appointments or spend more money on treatments. I would encourage anyone suffering from ongoing pain to just give Dr. Van Riper a try. I promise you won't regret it!” --- Richard M. 

"15 years of working at a desk had taken its toll on my body. My hands were numb all the time, my arms frequently lost sensation and my upper body was in pain all the time. I was faced with having to deal with continuing my career at the risk of possibly becoming disabled or making a major change. Under Dr. Van Riper's care, I began routine chiropractic care complemented with massage therapy, e-stimulation therapy and extensive rehabilitative exercises. Eventually, I expanded on the rehabilitative exercises by adding hot yoga and personal training at a local fitness center. Through nearly 3 years of rebuilding myself, Dr. Van Riper encouraged me to stay the course and to invest the time needed to care for myself. Now, I live pain free and I was able to continue my career. Dr. Van Riper's care plan saved my upper body from disability and saved my career. I am eternally grateful for his expertise and his dedication to encouraging his patients' to make really hard changes in their lives." --- Chris H.

“I came to see Dr. Van Riper with hopes of alleviating some chronic back issues that I was experiencing. I felt that the issues were mostly muscular, leading me to River Ridge because I knew that  Dr. Van Riper did more than just standard chiropractic care. He specifically catered all treatments to my back pain and the suspected causes all the while making sure I understood what we were working on and why we were doing the rehabilitation therapies.

I was also pleasantly surprised when I was not pressured to visit the clinic non stop after I was experiencing relief, but rather told by Dr. Van Riper that most of the continued relief can be done in my home and that I should continue to visit the clinic on an as-needed basis. I have already recommended Dr. Van Riper to others and will continue to do so! Thanks for the relief!” --- Thomas N.

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